Me Chillin at Purdue With Dope Couture

Vodpod videos no longer available.


14 Responses to Me Chillin at Purdue With Dope Couture

  1. solomon says:

    lol gangstar shit

  2. Jabari Manwarring says:

    lol gangster shit “yall can see this”

  3. Oh wow really? That Gangsta S***.lol Sean you’re cool people. It’s good you’re getting more exposure. More meet and greets and shows, That’s awesome!

  4. A.K. says:

    Keep it gangsta bitch LMAOOOO

  5. WeezMa says:

    lmao yeah im from the Chi and use to go to Purdue and Indiana is wack as shit lol

  6. Lucas Sirera says:

    hahahahahhahaha the gangsta shit in twiter was also hilarious

  7. Akazz says:

    man hope someday ya’ll come to France lol
    seriously man i really wanna see u perfomin’

  8. Akazz says:

    you and mike Posner

  9. Khirrill says:

    maaan! this is a kewl video! I F*cking like it. now at paris I bought an ice cream like your just in grey.haha. and it makes me happy :)

  10. wsquar3d says:

    i know the cats who started Dope…you aren’t coming down to IU soon though!! get at me brude!

  11. Khirrill says:

    oh, what i forgot : I put this video out to my blog :) here is the link: and the other is: i didn’t put there the “jacket” word (so an ice cream jacket like your) in my orevious comment. stay fresh!

  12. h.d. says:

    i think that last part was off of dave

  13. hJ says:

    the new joint wit curtains bun b n all IS DOPE AS SHIT HOMIE

  14. jayzdahov says:

    dope couture is at IU not lame ass purdue!!!!!

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