Jourdyn Alli is Finally Famous


My name is Jourdyn Alli. I’m 16 years old and i live in Clinton, MD better known as the DMV. I AM FINALLY FAMOUS because I juggle playing sports and keeping my grades perfect. This past year I started on the Varsity Soccer team as a sophomore while keeping my grades at a 3.8 GPA. Then once soccer season ended I got two 4.125 GPAs on my next two report cards. Its crazy because I have been doing this since i was like 5 years old and now that I am reaching the age when I have to start looking at colleges I am getting noticed for doing this. Just my sophomore year I got about 20 letters for college in one day. Some of those colleges being Delaware, Wake Forest, and Miami. Also Photography and video editing is my passion. Watching your Getcha Some video inspired me with alot of ideas because that was honestly one of the dopest videos put out. Check my myspace out…Icant wait till finally famous the album..that joint is about to be dope.


One Response to Jourdyn Alli is Finally Famous

  1. mr.anderson says:

    Dope that you gave a young fan succeeding in his own way a place on your blog

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