Chip Tha Ripper ft. Curren$y & Big Sean “Fat Raps” (prod. Chuck Inglish)

Click Here to Listen and Download “Fat Raps”


10 Responses to Chip Tha Ripper ft. Curren$y & Big Sean “Fat Raps” (prod. Chuck Inglish)

  1. Hamzjvd says:

    ur girl sh0w me L O V E I dropped the O nd the E and jus took the LV
    haha ill sh!t

  2. Jabari Manwarring says:

    BIG SEAN FF TO DEF!!!!!!

  3. T-Dub from tha Chi says:

    “in dis lifetime u only get richer or not, so hoes jump on mah balls like dey tipped off dah rock, i get it from mah dad cuz imma chip off dah block, and i went to Cleveland to get Chip off the block, I wip off the lot, wit a bad bitch ass thick ‘n tits so…..I slipped off the top” ~ definitely got off

    Man fam, such a big fan. cat wait for dat album

  4. ATL says:

    Big Sean for life!!! you need to have a show in atl ive told so many people to be on the lookout for sean, man i cant wait for a performance around here. i could promote it or get ya a spot at a thousand plus venue or something oldschool like apache cafe come through Big Sean!

  5. Pat says:

    From the artwork through all 27 tracks this mixtape is legit as hell. You’re verse on Fat Raps was sick, but I have one question: when you making the trip to Cleveland? You gonna be there with Chip and Cudi, January 15th? Can’t wait for the album dude

  6. Phitted says:

    This Shit Is Dope.. “Hoes Jump 4 My Balls Like I Tipped Off The Rock”
    Keep It Comin Brah..

    NEW Phitted >>>

  7. pascal says:

    this might be the illest verse sean eva spit on a feature

  8. Hamzjvd says:

    ^hell yea

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