Zoe Saldana (she sooo seeexxxyyy lol)

Just had to let yall know how sexy Zoe is!!!!!! make sure you go out and see Avatar this weekend it looks crazyy!


10 Responses to Zoe Saldana (she sooo seeexxxyyy lol)

  1. RandyeRand says:

    Word, I concur like I’m bout to take over

  2. Weekend Lover says:

    She is beautiful, The more I look at her she looks like the character in the movie.. She need to eat tho.

  3. Artboytate says:

    indeed she is a beautiful woman

  4. Ruben says:

    If you didn’t know, now you know! Sean, I’m betting this means you’ve seen Avatar.

  5. ThatChickAmanda says:

    Truusss… Ive had love for that girl since Cross Roads days with Britney

  6. CheezyDoDo says:

    yeah she sexy as fuck she remind me of Claudia Jordan another bad bitch

  7. anon says:

    i bet you cant pull her.

  8. HO0k says:

    badd as shitt

  9. Zoe Saldana’s got it going on, as anyone who’s seen Star Trek or Avatar can attest. In those movies, she probed outer space aboard the starship Enterprise and saved Pandora from colonization.

    In The Losers, opening Friday, Saldana may not rescue an alien world, but she does salvage the movie with her portrayal of Aisha — a tough, sexy mystery warrior who kicks, punches and fires grenade launchers while still managing to shed the occasional tear over an unjust tragedy.

    Aisha is not the most original character, but Saldana makes the most of it. In so doing, the lithe, 31-year-old actress nudges an otherwise routine action-adventure beyond “don’t bother” status.

    Based on Vertigo’s mid-2000s comic book series by Andy Diggle, The Losers goes heavy on the bang-bang, blow-it-up school of Michael Bay–style pyrotechnics. Rated PG-13, the movie tells the story of rogue CIA operatives who are presumed dead after a mission in a Bolivian jungle blows up in their faces, thanks to a sadistic mastermind named Max who wants to destroy the world.

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