1. Ricky Emile says:

    Whats goin on man. What i have to say has nothing to do with the video; this is the only place i saw where i can drop something; just being real. Like when you on the path to success you notice alot of things. Shit; ALOT OF THINGS. And one thing i notice the most is just how success always relates everything…pple you hear, pple you see, and pple you meet…its all one thing when u got that drive and that mindset to pursue your dreams and your happiness., im 19 years old and although we have completly different grinds i can relate to you 100% cause we as entreprenuers kno what it takes and if not we’re willing to find out…and through what your sayin in alot of your songs i respect it so much cause its more than what alot of people are sayin or seeing its real… its life … its the struggle to make it to your dreams..alot of dreamers dont realize that its nice to have dreams but unless you bust your azz to get those dreams to reality it wont happen…thats why the struggle is the most important part cause it makes you who you are..and im always one to get even more motivated cause when i see people my age grindin for theres and talkin about whats real; cause obviously you created your oppurtunities; it makes me that much hungrier cause i kno im on the right path; proggression; i see the pictures you paint with your words and im just here ventin a lil but overall just showin love and recognition for your music and what your about…keep doin what you do,.. mark my words ill catch you in a few years at a forbes dinner or something…till then b-ez

  2. Q. TheRealst says:

    Q. TheRealst is an up-and-coming rapper and producer hailing from Detroit Michigan.

    Check out his mixtape debut entitled “REALSTically Speaking” exclusively at

    It’s definitely worth a listen.

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