Jay-Z – On to the Next One f. Swizz Beatz


6 Responses to Jay-Z – On to the Next One f. Swizz Beatz

  1. MZ says:

    yo this is weird as hell…the fuck is up with jay-z and all this devil worshiping shit

  2. YUP says:

    the video is dope, its not weird its art. it’s like dali painting and most forms of art aren’t super happy expressions anyway so its not devil worshipping. pay attention to the inner meaning of the song and think outside of a narrow mind and my you will understand the video better. plus all these people saying that he is a devil worshipper is stupid, people should focus that energy on something else. because if you accuse him then Biggie, Tupac and many others would be classified as such. pay attention to the next man as well, the person with a jesus piece serving dope and wanting to be a “gangster” should be in the same genre because he is opposing evils on to the world. think before you comment.

  3. YUP says:

    may understand*

  4. MZ says:

    oh really? check out the symbol at 3:51 what do you think that means

  5. yup says:

    that could mean anything from religious warfare to people getting killed for jewelry in which most rappers have chains that deal with religious symbols. but to accuse him as a mason or whatever is kinda stupid. the history of what a mason really is is cloudy, in general there is a small idea of what they do and really are.

  6. yup says:

    and a lot of the people that are saying these things are the same people that try to associate obama with being hitler. im not saying that your wrong or anything i just think its highly unlikely seeing how secret societies are built and how only certain people can reach high levels.

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