Im Hip Hop Official Artist of the Week!


15 Responses to Im Hip Hop Official Artist of the Week!

  1. amoore says:

    i bet that you were wearing those red 6’s.

  2. SkuFL says:

    lol! funny u say dont judge ur music off of Gon Get’cha Some, cuz that song is still fresh in my opinion! But thanks for the quality, GOOD music, we at least have something to listen to out here!

  3. Omar says:


    I put your stuff on my blog!

  4. psyen says:

    About time…btw congrats on XXL 2010 freshmen

  5. Argonauts says:

    Promise this is the last time I’l’ spam your comments section- but we’re big fans, and I honestly think you’d be a fan of our instrumentals, we have a sampler posted on our myspace page if you have a sec give it a spin- I promise it won’t be a waste of time.

  6. ZARTAN says:

    Big Sean where did you get that clean ass starter jacket?

  7. Good Look. Keep the music and the performances Rollin.

  8. Nick says:

    Ey Sean im supportin the movement u gone take over 2010 but i know VOL.3 dont drop til the 23rd but could u try makin it the 13th???

  9. Artboytate says:

    I just have to address the “don’t judge me off my old stuff” comment.

    fools just need to get educated, if they are just going off of one or two songs or video, psh, shame on them.

    have pride in your work, though it may be old. I for one enjoy the first mixtape more so than your new one, just to be honest. not to say i don’t like the new stuff because i do, just enjoy the energy from the first one a bit more.

    also about the getcha some video, allot of people don’t even take the time to listen or do research about video’s they watch before they start making general comments, so to them i would say, don’t judge off of one song or video, I’m pretty sure that your true fans that have been down with you from the Can’t Tell Me Nothing mixtape are aware that your getcha some video is old. but i would also like to add, some people might not be aware that the video is two years old, seeing as it wasn’t put out two years ago, as it probably should have been. if it had been this probably would have been avoided.

    if anything, i think more people judge off of the new stuff than they are the older material, have you ever typed in “Big Sean sounds like Drake” in google….just sayin

    so i don’t really think that too many people are judging off of the old stuff, unless they don’t know its old because they are new fans or whatever the case. so yeah, i understand that your making new music, and you would like people to take note of your progress, as most artist do, just don’t discredit it, because some people may have said some things. because its a good mixtape.

    keep doing what your doing, i wish you the best. DETROIT!!! BIG SEAN!!! FINALLY FAMOUS!!! ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!!

    -Jason Artboy Tate

  10. Congratulations on being Artist of the week Sean. I’m happy you are getting more exposure & being recognized for your music. In regards to the comment made about “Get’cha Some” & your “old S**T” I’m going to be honest, because I don’t know any other way to be. I truly believe people should NOT judge your talent off of ONE SONG. However, your old material should always be recognized regardless of its commercial status(success or flop). It showcases the artist in raw form; Hungry,Determined,Ambitious, etc. and allows fans to see what made a person like Kanye take that chance on you.

    Jay-z -Reasonable Doubt “Classic” Nas- Illmatic “Classic”. All old material, which in some people’s eyes will never be topped by those artist’s new music. If i’m not mistaken, Nas’s illmatic wasn’t a commercial success upon release, but was later deemed a classic. The message I’m getting at is this, Be proud of your work because people are going to judge no matter what.

    I’m looking forward to FF v.3 and hopefully seeing you do some more shows back here in Detroit. As always, you have my continued support. DETROIT LIVES! Much love & God bless.

  11. Mr. McFly says:

    Sickest dude out…. “I’m unusual as shit/// I’m SUPERBAD… ur girl is probably DOODLING my dick”

    AHAHAHAHAHA…. kill em Sean…. keep reppin the mitten

  12. LaDawn says:

    i can’t wait for your album to drop.pssh i cant wait for your mixtape tape to the truth…never should big sean and the words wack be in the same sentence

  13. Marlon says:

    cant wait for the tape

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