Big Sean “Supa Dupa Lemonade” (CDQ)


Finally Famous Vol. 3: B.I.G. Coming Soon!!!


21 Responses to Big Sean “Supa Dupa Lemonade” (CDQ)

  1. myk says:

    hotttttt shit

  2. oldest young man says:

    got dam nigga finally shit

  3. Jabari Manwarring says:

    dope shit

  4. TyOwensJr says:

    Song hard. U did the lemonade beat more justice in my opinion

  5. TheCoolKid says:

    Finally! This track is dope..

  6. Atom says:

    Been Waiting For This

  7. branducci says:

    murdered it

  8. x_xkabs.yeezy says:

    damnnn big sean yu killin it. sickk suppa dupa song. keep doin yur thing sean.

  9. Mr.Londoner says:

    ‘Ard Bodied..

    we need that F.F. vol 3 noww.

  10. Jaymoskie says:

    Real talk U kill this beat no homo lookin forward to dat that Vol # sir…..keep doing your thing…H-town is this Sh*t

  11. kyle says:

    Truth out of season bears no fruit.

    I chose to become a newlywed to the true bread of life and fed God Degree of light to my head.

    as important as it is to stay fresh in this life just as important to keep your knowledge as sharp as your wardrobe.


  12. Gingabreadman says:

    fuck another mixtape…whens the album dropping? it better be fucking great if its taking this looong. on another note, good song

  13. Nick says:

    your a beast.. keep it up sean cant wait til your new sh drops

  14. MARS FP says:

    you the coldest bro
    i think you the best…one of the best

  15. CHRIS says:

    you cold bro u the nigga that put the D on the map reall talk this coming from a D nigga and we tired of listening to GFC AND Lodge boyz so keep up what u doin

  16. saferr says:

    This kid Nostray Sounds exactly like Big sean .

  17. Ya Boy Buck says:

    damn homie we all know u killin it but cmon drop vol 3 already dammit! I peeped u at ur show in Provi on april 3rd, shit was supposed to be the release party of tha new tape, still aint seein it, i know ur busy w/ shows n all buh cmon homie we need to hear some new shit from u asap!

  18. jasmineb says:

    IMMA DICK HER DWN…U GON PICK HER UP.!! Yo shit go soooo hrd.! Thas y I fucks w.u.! Finally famous is that shit.! You are the best rapper n you can quote me on that..real shit..i love you I love ur music I love ugh..everything abt you keep doin ur thing n givin em..line afta line afta line afta line..BARCODE.! ;)

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