Me & Va$htie Kola


8 Responses to Me & Va$htie Kola

  1. dave says:

    this photoshoot is real dope.
    love the black and white theme.big fresh af. and vashtie just gorgeous.I will marry her lol =)

  2. x x.KABS.YEEZY. says:

    niceee.vashtie so beautiful. listenin to big sean —–> ALL DAY!!!

  3. shopscubastevedotcom says:

    Great Job Sean, this is my favorite, Vash is my dream girl, her style is impeccable and goes along nice with your 90’s esque style.

  4. TheCoolKod says:

    Aw you guys look cute together!
    And Sean you need to stop playen and drop some shit with Wiz and Curren$y that would be some dope shit!

    And i agree with ur tweet, Cater 4 will be CRAZY.
    BTW u can dress, some of these corny rappers dont know what to do with there money smh haha –__–

  5. hHj says:

    that girl rite there thats my future wifeyy :D

  6. saferr says:

    This kid nostray sounds JUST LIKE BIG SEAN

  7. Perfect, Me & my girl idolize this

  8. T says:

    she’s a keeper

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