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  1. Check out for the best hip-hop and Streetwear

  2. RandyeRand says:

    dats wut im talkin bout. been waitin on the black joint for a minute. and wuts this i saw on 2dopeboyz about ya video for “rollin”? it was removed from youtube so i havent seen it but i figured if it was supposed to be up you wouldve had it

  3. Joe says:

    I ordered some but put the wrong address in ordering information so what do I do?

  4. Keenen says:

    yo i had the same problem bro. I ordered the shirt like 4 times because it said it didnt process right, so I hope I don’t get charged for like 4 shirts. Idk what to do bro.

  5. uknowbigsean says:

    if u had a problem with your order send an email to for help

  6. Hamzjvd says:

    COPPED !

  7. courtney says:

    Keep doing what your doing man, Im lovin every bit of it

    Im an aspiring rapper myself hopefully ill be the next class up

    I support you 100%

  8. First Flight says:

    I have 2 get one of those : )check out Flight Risks new song “The Anthem” is the blog

  9. BreeAnna says:

    Yay! Finally!.. but is it gonna take 2 months to get to me like the white Tee I ordered?!

  10. Tony says:

    Still haven’t received my tee! Ordered since February 19th, and sent an e-mail to! When’s it arriving…

  11. renzo from cali says:

    whats good with a 2xl shirt? skinny niggas always forgetting about the big homies.. but the music hits bro.. keep it up family

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