25 Responses to 2010 XXL MAGAZINE’S FRESHMAN 10 COVER!!!

  1. Good shit! I fux wit Sean, J. Cole, Wizzy, Nipsey, & Jay Rock! I’ll have 2 check out tha other ones.

  2. Glenn says:

    yo where da mixtape at i thought it was dropn friday it was da release show

  3. I been wonderin tha same thang… Shit if u want some music I just dropped a new track wit my homie HEAT… http://tinyurl.com/FS-BrandNew

  4. That_Josh says:

    Nah the release show helped paid for the process of getting the mixtape complete. Where is it Sean?

  5. That_Josh says:

    Thanks for that Way Out rough draft. When will the final report be in?

  6. clase one says:

    Coming from the old school of hip hop it makes me feel good to know that the future of the art will be in the hands of an emcee the caliber of Big Sean… Peace.Power and respect

  7. J ke says:

    YO IVE BEEN WAITIN ALL FEB FOR THE MIXTAPE cum on sean all these covers n shows are nice but cum on I WANT NEW MUSIC PLZ

  8. Thuban says:

    Yeah man. Now the release of your new mixtape would be perfect 8-)

  9. Randye Rand says:

    Congrats. Good shit. That’s one step closer to the top…on to the next one

  10. mondo2438 says:

    I really only mess wit like 3 of the freshmen for real. My Nigga Big Sean of course , J.Cole ,and Wiz Khalifa . But , Where is my nigga XV .

  11. CellisBang says:

    WHERE FF VOLUME 3!! Niggaz been waitin

  12. andrew says:

    whats up big sean, your music is great. Check out my blog


  13. Autumn says:

    Congrats Big Sean, You defff deserve it! =)

  14. B-Riz says:

    you definitely deserve to be on that list Big Sean, congrats

  15. hHj says:

    “say heellll yeaaaa” big seans voice
    i fucks wit j cole nipsey wizzle
    most of all i fucks wid yu my nig BIG SEAN THE FUXKIN DON !!!!
    disappointed XV not up there

  16. Jabari Manwarring says:

    Deserve that shit no doubt
    and way out is dope even if its shitty to you can’t wait for full version
    is your 2010!!!!

  17. chris says:

    WHERE THE FUCK IS XV, but big ups to u Sean

  18. J ke says:

    GOOD JOB BIG SEAN … but wait wait were the funk is currensy and xv i say nips sean xv jcole currensy wiz and i dnt kno dem other dudes

  19. kwan says:

    nah thats wack that pill was on the front and not sean,,,,he put more work in then PiLL,Hell i just herd of pill.that list should be more accurate depending on the work you put in.Well congrats eany way sean keep it up,,,Nipsey Crip up,,,and me (kwan) and my boy D.N.A. will be on that cover next year promise,,,Re-uP Gang/Y.G.S./The FiX….AKA Re-UP’ s that Gang,,Till the Casket drops in stores Now!!!!!

  20. schoolSPIRIT says:

    What up Sean……

    Congrats on the cover, lets hope this quickens up the album release…..people are mad excited for it.

    I have just started a G.O.O.D Music blog which is getting great reviews and I would love to get more info from you to give to the people.

    its called “G.O.O.D News” and you can find it at:



  21. Youngscrew says:

    Not worried about you being in the back cudi was in the back last year too and look at him now

  22. Mikey SpAdez says:

    d-town west side, yeah I said it WEST SIDE
    but they screamin big so much you thought that it was Bedstuy

    that freestyle went hawd tho!!!

  23. Reggie Breeze says:

    Only fuck wit 2 rite now-Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa.

  24. So-Low Da Don (C.@.P.) says:

    Big Sean U the BEST one, then Wiz, then J. Cole.

    And hopefully u mite catch me next year, So-Low Da Don wit my crew C.@.P.

  25. pittsburgh pa says:

    bout time wiz,oj da juiceman, and nipsey get da respect they deserve every body else on thier is not worth my time

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