XXL Freshmen ’10 on newsstands now!

Thanks for all the support! make sure you grab a copy


8 Responses to XXL Freshmen ’10 on newsstands now!

  1. Big Sean's biggest fan says:

    I got the day it dropped and am still reading it lol. But, really man great job. Keep up the Great work. I bet there are more magizine covers to come!!! Can’t wait for Finally Famous to drop man, seriously!!! YOU G.O.O.D.!!!!!

  2. This Is B....I....G says:

    This Is B….I….G!!!!!!!! Think its time to hit em thru the side of their heads wit dat FF vol.3

  3. JJOOSSHH says:

    Big Sean How Much Did Ur Custom POW!’s Cost??

  4. Bericcus says:

    Finally a nigga is getting recognized for something he does well. its well deserved.. Congradulations to my nigga Big Sean.. Finally Famous

  5. hamzjvd says:

    @Josh . if im not wrong $45,000 or something

  6. Scootie McB says:


  7. Shel says:

    check out Cortelyounyc.com sean

  8. lifeaballa@yahoo.com says:

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