Happy Birthday to ME

Who’s partying with me this Friday?


21 Responses to Happy Birthday to ME

  1. Waddup Big Sean!
    HaPpy BirthDay Fam!
    March Babies, my B-Day was on the 10th!


    Happy Birthday !
    “How it feel to waste Liquor, niggas could not afford to sip”- You

  3. massey says:

    product placement? lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAM!!

  4. Irv says:

    yo happy b day sean. Where you get them shades at shits is fresh

  5. Mikey SpAdez says:

    happy birthday…

  6. Thuban says:

    Happy Birthday Man !

  7. Khirrill says:

    Happy Birthday Sean! And stay fresh like now, you got one year older, but you step up a level in your life, and you will create with more wisdom.HAHA. bye

  8. Randye Rand says:

    Enjoy dat ish bro. I know u might be busy now, but go crazy as hell tomorrow at the celebration. It’s been a G.O.O.D. year for u and u got an even better one ahead of you. Holla

  9. Pete A. says:

    Yo! Happy Birthday, Sean. Have a good one. You’re definitely going to be the next big rapper.

  10. ☆καbs.yeezy☆ says:


  11. LaSean Cross says:

    Happy Birthday Big Sean! Thanks for representin the D!!! I am from East 7 mile and Van Dyke and rep the D in LA all day long! Congrats on your success and keep making great music!! When is your next show in LA?

  12. Cheezy says:

    My Nigguh , Happy Birthday

    this year you gonna make some noise KNOW DAT

  13. SCUBA STEVE says:

    Happy Birthday Brother Hope you have a Good one!

  14. Q says:

    Happy Birthday Big Sean, keep doing your thing my nigga your music is fire come to Toronto soon to do a show

  15. Big Sean's Biggest Fan says:

    Happy Birthday BIG SEAN!!! And many more to come!!!

  16. Johnny The Leo says:

    Happy Bday man

  17. _TellyMonster says:

    Happy Birthday Big Sean!!!

    Ayo u killed dat shxt at Cass Tech Image Awards Thanks man Shoutout to my fav teacher MC for setting that shxt up! All my chicks was in VIP (second row) rappin dat supa dupa lemonade!!! FINALLY FAMOUS from rappin in the Commons to on the cover of XXL mag Congrats homie

  18. Al says:

    Happy “be-lated” B-day son…….!!!! Keep doin the damn thing.

  19. kenyon parker says:

    missd yo bday mybad homie come to virginia beach next year ima show yu how we get down

    finally famous gettn money aha

  20. love u big shawn lookin forward to seeing u when to come to the bay much love u go baby.

  21. juleen myle says:

    hey big seam happy belated birthday I hope u enjoy it to the max

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