This Is Danielle from Westchester, NY. I went through hell in a handbasket, clawed my way out of an abusive relationship, moved back to New York and Now I’m a successful Hotel Manager. I busted my Ass to get where I am, I have no plans of stopping now. I was even able to take the day off just to come down To SOb’s to see yous guys perform. My hotel is thriving, the guests love me and what I do, they ask for me, tip me generously, and my employees respect me. I treat them well, and show them they are appreciated. I’m getting alot of positive attention from my corporate offices. But I’m a driver at heart. I have plans to buy another racecar in Feb, chasing my dreams, I‘m finally famous!


4 Responses to Danielle is FINALLY FAMOUS!

  1. That_Josh says:

    I have stayed at your Hotel and it is superb.

  2. DDotOmen says:

    but the question is..can I have her #?

  3. dave says:

    I’ll tip her just cause she’s cute:]

  4. Mikey SpAdez says:

    she look good, and she smart… if only I were older lol

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