Hip Hop At Lunch Interview


5 Responses to Hip Hop At Lunch Interview

  1. bianca says:

    -that spurs hat is so real.

  2. andrew says:

    whats good big sean
    hit me up on my blog i mention you on my inspirations cause your dope

  3. otis says:

    Where’s FF vol. 3?

  4. Mikey SpAdez says:

    lol But I still kill you bitch!!!

    lmao dude a clown
    I honestly know that lemonade track by heart

    I’d wait ’til his buzz get higher, been tryna put my niggas on sean but they all obsessed w/ flocka so I cant help dude out, I even play his shit in the car loud as fuck and dumb niggas think it’s me rappin :/ niggas disgust me.

    fuck the B.o.B. album, aint buyin new music ’til Sean come witta album

  5. UH-OH says:

    yo you need to get on a cypher with wax. look his shit up man. cant wait for the album.

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