Drake – “Find Your Love” (prod. Kanye West)

Thank Me Later drops June 15th!


4 Responses to Drake – “Find Your Love” (prod. Kanye West)

  1. Great Song.
    Tried to show it love to people in the hood yesterday and, people hated.
    Oh well, hopefully they eventually start picking up.
    &Big Sean, I know your busy and all but, if you can please take
    time out to listen to some true artist from TX.


    “No Brayna” is the most recent but, the one up is unmastered it’s still great though.&still looking for one more verse if you want to consider it. ha
    Thanks for your time.

  2. Mikey SpAdez says:

    I dont fuck with this, lol I was just arguing w/ niggas bout who better Drake or Sean niggas was like “Sean sound like he Drake’s clone” and I was like naw cuz the difference between Drake and Sean is that Sean changed my whole perspective of new music

    You, Donnis, Wiz, XV, and Freddie Gibbs finna kill Hip-Hop

  3. Q. TheRealst says:

    They should have featured me on Drake’s “Over”


  4. datkidmike23 says:

    man sean i know drake blew up but you have to be in the top 5 coldest rappers ive ever heard and so under rated. man you give me so much inspiration. good looks fam. youll be seeing a lot of me.

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