20 Responses to FUCK U DOIN?…BULLSHITTIN!!!

  1. Joe N. says:

    I listen to ya dawg faithfully good shit. When you gone drop the mp3 of it thou. The leak version was gettin on my nerves.

  2. BOyz ARe FRom MARz says:

    Shits Raw Dawg…The old heads might hate, but it’s only cuz the new generation light years ahead of them bol’s….lol

  3. Al says:

    The beats is bang son…. I like Big Sean flow…..

  4. c.a.l says:

    yo sean please use the leaked version!!!!!!!! ITS 100000000000x DOPER! ima huge fan…please change it back!

  5. datkidmike23 says:

    “bitch i am a monster i belong in district 9” wow game over big sean won. Finally Famous Gettin….MONEY!

  6. Man This is FGIRE im puttin this shit on my blog nigga…DETROIT EASTSIDE 6 mile nigga i fucks wit u!!!!!!!

  7. psyen says:

    one of the dopest flows out right now

  8. be.e.zy says:

    you smooth bent this shit bruh.

  9. Gingabreadman says:

    good shit…keep it comin now

  10. Ezekiel says:

    Yo Big Sean I just got home from Drakes concert in LA man you killed that shit when you hoped on stage, GOOD MUSIC & FINALLY FAMOUS was defiantly in the building!!!!!

  11. Mikey SpAdez says:

    some parts of the beat are a little weird but I like it a lot more than the leaked version, only cuz the leaked version gets boring cuz it repeats itself, this is fresh and LP worthy but wont get on the radio due to profanity but I’ma play this shit all day in chool o Monday real talk

  12. Mikey SpAdez says:

    my nigga hella fresh on the cover too… no homo

  13. Dex says:

    LMAO! at the conehead line. Sick flow

  14. dave says:

    can u get ur music on itunes?smh

    not every1 uses a comp some buy it from thy itouch like me:/

  15. Julian says:

    good song man but not long enough. you have to bring the heat. i want to see you and j. cole battle hard for the better album

  16. Mikey SpAdez says:

    I dont think J.Cole would beat Sean in a better album, Julian, Cole is alot more lyrical than Sean but lacks to keep people awake but with Jay-Z’s business skills and marketing ideas Cole might get it but Kanye could promote Sean as well I’d release a video if I were you Sean it’d attract more fans, cuz if you leave it to fans like me to put dudes on your music only 10% of the people will listen

  17. Lazie 513 says:

    Big Sean is getting it in, and for all you that think this wont get radio play. There is alot of songs that remix to improvise for the radio. With kanye’s producing I wouldnt doubt he could do it easily and making it cheap to. Big Sean got the lyrics just as good as J-Cole but Jay-Z wont let J-Cole be mainstream while Kanye will die trying to get this kid blowin up. Also to Mikey SpAdez he got hellah youtube videos son. That dude is straight “Rollllinnn” through that shit right now like Wiz Khalifa.

  18. finally famous says:

    agree wit julian.

  19. Julian says:

    radio play doesn’t mean anything. i don’t care if other people listen to them or not. i want to hear g.o.o.d. music, pun intended. rather see an underground battle than a mainstream one like 50 and Kanye

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