Kadeem Phillip is Finally Famous

My name is Kadeem Phillip. I’m 19 years old from Brooklyn, New York. I Grew up in the same neighborhood as Biggie Smalls. That’s not the reason I’m finally famous. I AM FINALLY FAMOUS cause of my success in college, being a great writer,a poet, being a campus DJ and also my start and ambition to become a rapper. I’ve overcame a lot in my life. Near deaths situations, being nearly homeless, the end of a basketball dream after a car accident at 11 and having to care of my mom the last 6 years of my life. In college I’m average a 2.5 GPA but it’s about to go up to a 2.8. I’m a Resident Assistant which means I’m in charge of a floor of students. Its a high position for a student to have. I’ve been writing for almost 8 years but I’ve never really rap till lately. I always get influenced by artist such as Lupe Fiasco, Common, Jay-Z, Kanye and lately Big Sean and Curren$y. I Can’t wait for finally famous vol. 3 and finally famous the album. I hope to be one day be on your level. I haven’t made all the way but I know that I’m finally famous.


7 Responses to Kadeem Phillip is Finally Famous

  1. Mikey SpAdez says:

    look like Big Pooh in a way… lol but I’ll check into your music

  2. FRESHman10 says:

    I feel you man. Keep up what you doing; its always good to see a black man doing somethin positive with his life.

  3. Cuong says:

    Congrats man! …keep at it..

  4. Al says:

    Keep doin ur thing son….. Everyone in someway or another are destined for great things with a lot of effort, determination, and dedication….. U do look a lil like Big Pooh in the pic…. Speaking of Little Brother, them boys use to go to my school before they was “Finally Famous”….lol. Im sure they same can happen to u……

  5. RamsDiggy says:

    Thats dope man, keep doing your thing!

  6. freedom queen says:

    i feel you, dude. similar situation. my tried to keep us out of the hood, but section 8 will only get you so far. i’m in college, but i’m bound to my city ’cause my mom has multiple sclerosis, so i gotta take care of her and my little brother. i don’t know what it feels like to have such a passionate dream deferred at such a young age, but i do empathize. any sort of creative expression is my passion. i went to an art high school, and while i majored in creative writing and visual arts, i think i was best known for being ‘that chick who raps.’ i had to respond to this because so many of the things you said hit home. lol. i’m 19 too. reading this has given me hope. i know someone else out there is overcoming some of the obstacles i’m facing. thanks for your testimony.

  7. Kid_deem says:

    Yoooo omg, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able reply but big sean thank u man, and u put this me up on my 20th birthday too. Man I feel like i can do it now, I’mma Have something coming soon trust me, But thank you man. Look out for me soon Kid Deem

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