Me and DJ Reflex

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11 Responses to Me and DJ Reflex

  1. Rydis says:

    Thank you for the upload, sir.

  2. Ezekiel says:

    Ha ha pretty funny shit! I didn’t know you were at power 106 not that I would know because I don’t listen to that shit even though I live in LA. GO LAKERS!!!

  3. datkidmike23 says:

    finally somebody that doesnt hop on the bandwagon and hold his team down. FF hoe !

  4. Awww man…
    Celtics Sell Ticks So thats the Way to Go,
    Kobe Gon Be Tobe Gettin Whopped Yup a Slave Fa Sho..

    (Your Favorite Rapper)

  5. Aaron Coney says:

    Lakers Back-to-Back, yesirrr

  6. Man you some sauce, u and yo whole record label gay! My name Freshaun and I’m da realest! District Heights stand up. Big Sean, u my flunky!! My raps constipate on yo toilet paper rhymes. You wanna be like me!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LMBO!!!!!!!!

  7. Ezekiel says:

    Hating ass niggas!!! like Jay-Z says ” real niggas respect me, fake niggas want beef because that’s the only way we going speak”

  8. RamsDiggy says:

    I swear your dope ass hell!!
    No ones ready for you lol… but Ive been ready for FF since I first heard Supa Dupa… Shit is gonna drop bombs lol =p

    Fuck you doing?!

  9. Mikey SpAdez says:

    lol Lakers go HAWD!!! but sixers is my hometeam

  10. Phresh5280 says:

    Hey Bricks, U dissin sean on his own blog? ha wow…

    Big Sean, you got mad fans out here in denver!! Wanna get you out here for some private parties.. fur realo though.. keep that shit dope. mad props yo

  11. Eddy.p says:

    Big sean is that nigga !Im just waiting for the next track .. Some new shit !

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