Kanye West ft. Dwele “POWER”


9 Responses to Kanye West ft. Dwele “POWER”

  1. christian Noa says:

    Obamanation of obamas nation!! Dope song

  2. jay75 says:

    the best is back!!!!!!!!

  3. jay75 says:

    bitch i dont need yo pussy im on my own dick…lol

  4. Eimantas Vozgirdas says:

    ewww its so dope, ive bin waiting so long for new things from ye and just my luck on my bday it comes out!!!! :)

  5. Wilfried says:

    Just wonderful!
    We were all wainting for this one!

  6. Eddy.p says:

    FINALY yezzy is back good music is gona have to kill 2010! lets wait and see…

  7. Nana says:

    Click on my muhfuckin name and follow me lmao… #somethingkanyeezywouldsay

  8. RamsDiggy says:

    That track is ODDD. Everything was on point, but then again its Kanye. That 5th album is gonna be CRAZZZZY.

  9. Good music, thats the greatest of the labels!

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