June 11 9:00PM – @ The Majestic Theatre Feat Wiz Khalifa     Detroit, MI

Tickets HERE


7 Responses to THIS FRIDAY!

  1. datkidmike23 says:


  2. Mikey SpAdez says:

    damn… can u do another one in Pittsburgh for Wiz? cuz i’d definately be able to hit that one up

  3. So-Low Da Don says:

    Hell Yea Sean! Come to H-Town, we need some G.O.O.D. Music down here!

  4. Thuban says:

    Sean !

    If you listen Eminem’s “Almost Famous” (from Recovery), the last line is “He’s finally famous !”.

    It could be great to sample that don’t you think ? :D

  5. Nick Trice says:

    Yo Big Sean man! I think you’re one of the best there is right now. You, KanYe and the whole good music help me with my lyrics all the time. I listen to you and Ye everyday to help with rapping. Im an inspired rapper with a determined team and we’re trying to become “finally famous”. If I could ever get the chance to rap for you it would be an honor. If you ever see this my number 260-449-1912. Id realy like you to hear my flow. Thanks man.

  6. Bryan Rhodes says:

    big sean, I just listened to the track you did with drake and yaw was spitten, the seconf verse was slightly hotter

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