Big Sean “High Rise” Video

Vodpod videos no longer available.


13 Responses to Big Sean “High Rise” Video

  1. SCUBA STEVE says:

    This is pretty cool my friend, your raps are getting more potent, i like it, keep it up and keep creating a large amount of quality work as you have!

    PLUS: Who’s the only Preppy White Guy Rocking Ti$a SnapsBacks???

    Scuba Steve

  2. Rydis says:

    Can’t ask for more, please keep it up

  3. jt8908 says:

    big sean your crazy lol i have a feeling this vid wont be premiering on MTV anytime soon lol fucking sick ass song though. bumpin this shit everyday!

  4. kareem says:

    i swear im fenna cop that damn hat! Good shit tho

  5. edgar says:

    where u b gettn dem hats frm?? dem hoes b clean, wuts dat brand? n d rockets was sick, im frm houston so i was really diggn dat 1

  6. reggir says:

    ayoo big sean can i please get down with your crew bra 4 real i want 2 be down with finally famous 4 real holla @ me

  7. Alecs says:

    Real hip-hop !

  8. Kwan says:

    “Getting Money ,NiggaZ think i Joined ILLuminati/ScreaMing West Im Feeling Like Killuminati!!!Hot Line Great Substance in your Music Quality!!!

  9. Naythen says:

    dr. dre is a faggot

  10. G.R.E.A.T. says:

    You Should Want to Get Bodied Son!! 2 Sets of Eyes On You At the Same Time!!

  11. G.R.E.A.T. says:

    Whatever Girl that is Needs to Quit Playin With Herself and Sign

  12. datkidmike23 says:

    Dopee ass Rockets Snapback. WHEN IS THE BULLSHITTIN VIDEO COMING?!?!

  13. YoungMilli says:

    my nigga big sean killed it
    when the album drops i think he will finally get the recognition he deserves

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