Chip Tha Ripper- Independence Day



8 Responses to Chip Tha Ripper- Independence Day

  1. Naythen says:

    shit is aight.. even tho a nigga aint put you on it lol

  2. Matthew says:

    I love this mixtape! Chip could have done a record with Big Sean, but otherwise I love it (:

  3. Mikey SpAdez says:

    Chip been that nigga from tha get go aint even play this bitch yet and ikno its fire

    Chip got the best flow in the game imo(sorry Sean urs is cool too but too many niggas stole it)

  4. Reggie Breeze says:

    Bra, i swear chip got tha best flow!… You be snappin hard ah hell but aint nobody fckin wit Chip flow.. Even you admitted it, he’s unmatched…But i still fck wit you no matter wut, can’t wait for tha album bra.

  5. Ashley Moberly says:

    Chip is amazing!

    Check out his new feature on Stranger Day’s “Fuck You Money”! Get it here:

  6. Interior Corocodile Alligator says:

    I drive a chevrolet movie theatre.

  7. Chevrolet Movie Theatre says:

    I drive a corocodile alligator.

  8. c-money says:

    shit is dope…when you and chip gon do a mixtape?

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