@ Warped Tour with Mike Posner


3 Responses to @ Warped Tour with Mike Posner

  1. TC says:

    shit gave me straight chills, followin for almost 2 years now, finally famous on the rise!

  2. Rydis says:

    TC, couldn’t agree more with you- been following for a long time and just seeing the two together gives me the chills. And the brilliance in that each Mike Posner fan will “eventually” follow Big Sean, and the opposite is cool, reppin for others than yourself too. Wish you the best, thanks

  3. Reggie C says:

    I didn’t watch the video but when I was still in Texas this summer “Cooler Than Me” was played a lot & everytime I heard it there was no Sean verse. But up here in Connecticut that “All I want is You” by Miguel gets played a lot & you hear J. Cole shit he even in the video. And you not even in the Mike P video. So I’m like wtf.

    But I still listen to both of yall (You & Mike) & its still Finally Famous! Waiting on that mixtape though lol.

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