Weekend Recap 10


25 Responses to Weekend Recap 10

  1. neilSUTTON says:

    Sean, for real I always follow what you are doin. I missed it when you came out to the UK with Ye'(I can rhyme too boy!) but you need to start getting your overseas air miles up.

    Do you accept beat/music submissions? I dont have a link to any of my work and hate it when people post up their myspace/twitter etc but would be happy to send something through.

    If not are you looking for anybody to work for you dealing with music submissions/emails?

    If you reply either on here or to my email that would be cool.

    Keep doin what you doin,


  2. When i grow up i want to be just like Big Sean. I want to have a mixtape release party and yet still have no mixtape out what so ever.You pretty much had a baby shower rather than a release party because if you did RELEASE THE MIXTAPE we would be listening to it by now. But seriously man I’m tired of waiting lol.


    P.s. keep doing your thing.

  3. Jarrod says:

    Hey man no need to hate! itl be worth the wait no doubt.

  4. come on says:

    yo anderson is right we been waitn forever for this tape cuz it’s been since febuary wen it should have been relased as it was sed in XXL magazine n it was supposed to come in july wats good man fo real wen you got a TT on twitter for dis tape you kno fans are upset n jarrod get of his dick before you get pregnant

  5. Jarrod says:

    i aint on his dick its just you see so many shit mixtapes and albums being put out there cause they are rushed. that is all.

  6. come on says:

    true man but you can’t tell a nigga new music in mid febuary n he still waitn now you would b upset n look at kush n orange juice da tape was amazn n he sed he was gonna drop it n took a month or so but it’s just niggas been waitn n waitn 4 dis ish n it’s not even an album a tape at the least

  7. big*city says:

    come on man you bulshittin with the release of this mixtape bro. i mean i know you tryin to make sure its all good but even if you put half effort into it it would still be better then half the shit that come out these days. give the people what they been waitin for man…

  8. Finally Famous BOIII says:

    Big Sean man you have gots to hurry with that FF vol 3! I mean I cant wait for your album but thats another story you are one of my favorites! you gotta help me out man I dont think I can wait any longer to hear you version of fat raps with asher roth! TODAY I want it today lol jk soon though. Forever a fan PEACE!

  9. Ahhhh says:

    Sean!!!!!!! Im fkd up man annlistening to dupa dupa lemonade!!!!! U killin it man! Finally famous 3 can’t wait! Keep doin ya thing!

  10. come on says:

    it’s getn ridiculous @don cannon don’t tell us foney ass shit to get us hyped I was a sophomore wen dis tape suppose to came out now I’m junior this too fucked up y shud I support a label n spend my money on dis album next month if we can’t get anything at all from these so called higher power labels yall are on it didn’t even fuckn take pilot talk this long n des other ppl talkn bout just b patient you wait from febuary n on n den get bak to me n tell me you wouldn’t b pissed this shit is stupid now all I hear from twitter is in the stu n cali high sound like yall not don shit to me

  11. John Bianchi says:

    Id be appreaciative if you take the quickest peek at this video, its my newest song, just made it and i love it, all people need is that quick listen to become big, help a burva out here

  12. Rob says:

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  13. sir_L says:

    big sea you dat nigga, you influence me nd the rest of my squad. check out my groups music @ swaggacee8.tumblr.com

    feedback will be appreciated

  14. Alecs says:

    Hey , Big Sean , what’s up with you? Why haven’t you posted anything in a while? I guess you’re working hard for the album comin’..

  15. Mulle says:

    Check out these new T’s from Mokes!
    If you want information in english, please write!

  16. Chris says:

    The official leak is finally here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR4EccmB8ZM

  17. Deja ray says:

    Finally famous is one of the best album i ever heard. I listen to the album everyday. Keep doing ur thing big sean

  18. Deja ray says:

    Big sean if u ever looking for new talent hit me up or post it somewhere and i give u my info

  19. Damn yo!

    I saw this video a while back on YouTube. I was on your site looking to see if you had a form but that said coming soon then I found this blog. I think you should post more to it, it’s pretty tight and it’s a nice way for people to write you how the feel.

    Real talk I do hope to some day be making music with you, hopefully that day will come and I’d be able to come back to this comment and be like what the f**k did I tell you!

    I’m on my grind pimpin! It aint paying like the way yours pay you as yet but I’m working towards that just waiting on the day my talent meets my luck!

    Keep on doing your thing I’m glad to see that the world is finally catching on to you know that you’re bring good content to the music game Sean! I’m happy for your success cause I feel as if I knew you from before your were signed and finally famous we’d get along because I feel the same ambitious and drive that you have in your music.

    Just wanted to leave a quick comment here I’m bout to get back working on my dream so one day I can experience the success like you. – D. Tucker


  20. Sean anderson says:

    Bro big fan let me no if u need a personal chef I gotcha sean

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