Sean Anderson, p.k.a. Big Sean, is the newest artist signed to G.O.O.D. Music/Island Def Jam at the young age of 20. Sean was born in Santa Monica, CA and relocated to the west side of Detroit, MI when he was 2 months old. He was raised by his mother and grandparents, who worked steadfastly to instill in him the principles of hard work and determination. Sean attended the Detroit Waldorf School, a school of art, from Kindergarten to 8th Grade where he was introduced to a spectrum of art and culture. He later attended Cass Technical High School where he furthered his music career, met life long friends, and gained the support of fans and peers as he independently sold copies of his music. Sean gained a strong relationship with 102.7FM, a local radio station in Detroit where he displayed his rhyming skills weekly. There, he met Kanye West after a radio interview in 2005 and got a chance to display his talent by freestyling for Mr. West, giving him a copy of his music and sending numerous tracks for him to critique. After months of submitting songs and numerous meetings, Sean finally got the call from Kanye West himself saying that he wanted to sign him. Big Sean officially signed to G.O.O.D. Music in 2007 and then signed to Island Def Jam in 2008. Sean has two mixtapes under his belt starting with “Finally Famous–The Mixtape” [Nov. 2007] and “UKNOWBIGSEAN–Finally Famous Vol. 2” [Spring 2009]. His hit single “Getcha Some” vastly took over the internet and created major buzz for the artist and quickly solidified him as a breakout star. The single first debuted on Kanye West’s “Cant Tell Me Nothin’ Mixtape” giving him the exposure needed to showcase and introduce his talent to the world. Big Sean is scheduled to release his debut album entitled “Finally Famous” in Fall 2009. The album features Hip Hop stars such as ten-time Grammy Award-winning artist Kanye West, Pharrell, The Dream, and many more. Big Sean has been spotted beside Kanye West all over the world including Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Hawaii, etc. To stay connected to Big Sean and to get exclusive music and videos, check out his official website WWW.UKNOWBIGSEAN.COM

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  1. Perajok says:

    Hey Sean WHAT UP!

    You forgot to add my GOOD Music blog to your blogroll!

    Thank you.

  2. DaProduca says:

    thanx 4 dis info & all ya stuff ya did so far, not forgettin this new site, stay blessed good luck wid everyting ya do homie, all our support is wid you, im down wid ya Big Sean, u killed it in dat ‘Paranoid’ Remix wid Kanye, I still got dat goin on in ma car, lookin out fo yo nu stuff, please let me kno everyting ya do so I can keep Updated, Thanx

  3. Dapper Dan says:

    This is a dope ass website Big Sean… 2009 is your year!

  4. Go get’em Big Sean!!! xoxo Amanda

  5. SCUBA STEVE says:

    Get em Sean!



  6. robmar19 says:

    Hi i was wondering if you could link to our blog and site, and we will obviously link
    back to you.

    We can use both lots of viewers to go to each site? its all love?

    Get in touch with me anyways.

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  7. That Finally Famous Mixtape was crazy…Lookin 4ward to the album faM!
    Keep doin u

  8. Amit says:

    Look forward to hearing more music.. I feelin your style.. Big Ups to my hometown Detroit – let’s keep it going with this music thing..

    Peace Amit

  9. T. Epps says:

    reaching out to you ur my bigg homie ol’ skool told me about the big sean movment hope to work with you in the near calander month lol congrats.

  10. I love your site. Keep it up !

  11. KAM422 says:

    Who make that superman sweater you have on in a lot of the pictures? Old or whatever, I need that!

  12. Hi,

    I came across your website, absolutely love it Sean. I was interested in exhibiting a feature article on my urban brand Vanilla Pink clothing(www.vanillapinkclothing.com) and its launch. It would be good to get a feel of how people across the Altlantic feel the UK’s answer to the Urban movement.

    Let me know your thoughts please.

    Background Synopsis:

    Vanilla Pink’s journey began in 2006, its founders two influential figures on the UK Urban scene had a vision to create a movement they coined ‘Funk Shui’, a belief in the artistic freedom of expression and an interest group that motivates individuals to strive for success and enjoy the fruits of life.

    As the phenomenon that is ‘Funk Shui’ gathers pace, a journey that began in London, now crosses territorial and cultural boundaries, we call on those before us to help spread the message of originality.

    Kind Regards


  13. Hi Sean,

    Love your music man, the mixtape is sick (yes I said sick lol). You are a big part of the future of hip hop… a true lyricist.

    You and Kanye’s marketing guys are doin a fantastic job of taking advatage of social media.

    I own Unique Blog Designs and have done work for companies like MySpace (myspace ads blog), Nike (ballers network), Yahoo (ymail blog), RGA as well as some of the biggest internet markets, etc.

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    I look forward to working with you.


  14. Fresh Meeks says:

    Cass Tech all day…currently attending…big ups SEAN, i support u all the way my dude!!!

  15. James bka sky loc says:

    yo sean i c how da homie kanye put u on n u got erey body from ny 2 ohio bkumpin dat shit especially dat shit “who knows” u need 2 make a video 4 dat 1. Anywayz niggas told me u said u be actually readin dis so im tellin u yo juss gimme 1 shot 2 prove myself n word 2 ereything iluv i wont let u down. Aint bkouta leave no life story bkut i used 2 perform on stages a lot bkut ereything changed wen ma popz got locc…..so hit me up cuz truss me u wont regret it….40

  16. champion 09 says:

    Yo, Sean, your mixtape “FINALLY FAMOUS” was fucking badass. Hope your album is alot better. Congrats on making your video “GETCHA SOME” it was good. Kanye must be happy on signing you to “GOOD MUSIC”. Keep doing what you do.

  17. jayyy says:

    yooooo Big seannnn me x my homegirl did a fucccn videoooo for you!

    checkk it outtt !!

  18. JENNi says:


  19. jamel roberts says:

    damn sean i just started listening to you this week you all been listenin’ to, i love yo shit nigga! i whis i knew about you a long ass time ago. drake finnaly got some competition.

  20. His_wife73 says:

    The program is great if you want to study in multiple-genres. ,

  21. Andy says:

    Ayy Sean check out one of Denmarks biggest Blog w w w. superbial. d k
    They write alot about you. just search for ur name in the search bar. Ambushdesign also mention them on their homepage.

  22. driver73 says:

    It helped me stop smoking 5 years ago. ,

  23. Maya Castro says:

    I am reaching out on behalf of two in the shirt. I want to get your editorial contact for future releases. Please email me at the above listed email address. Look forward to hearing from you …Thanks!


  24. Mike Beeezy says:

    When da album comin or atleast a new mixtape or video

  25. Ams Fresh says:

    Yoooo didnt kno ma mans went to CT love your Aura and im graduating from CT this year way to represent!

  26. CEAZ says:

    great artist! love the music. keep representing for your hood my dude

  27. jamie says:

    yo big sean you need to drop that album SOON man im getting way to anxious basically me and some of my friends check up everyday to see if their is any news on it and you know one week it’ll be like supa dupa lemonade (way tight!!!) then way out (also great!!) and its like they be teasin us man haha. we need it out and i promise im doing all under my power to let people know to go buy it when it comes out, no limewire bullshit. real artists deserve credit and as of right now your one of the realest…..AND WE LIVING REAL GOOD, OKAY OKAY OKAY!!!!

  28. Xavier Walker says:

    i just want you to know that you inspire me to rap even more….just showing love and hit me up whenever you can..we should do a song together

  29. Ace says:

    What’s up Big Sean. My name is Austin Robinson, but I go by the mononym Ace. You seem like a real cool dude and real as hell, so could you check out some of the songs I did, (I rap, and sing) and give me some feedback for them, like tell me what I should do to improve as and aspiring MC. I would really appreciate it, if you did, and maybe I could spit with you one day


  30. matthew gonzales says:

    yo what up big sean im from san antonio texas, down here we aint got alot of rappers like you i love jammin out to you bruh! i myself am an 18 year yung aspiraing mc and you just give me that drive to keep makin music no matter what anyone else thinks. so good lookin and keep killin shit

  31. TO says:

    fam i jus wanna let u kno u probably the most unique rapper out there yo, most rappers out there throw out 3 mixtapes a day n there might be like 2 or 3 good hooks or lines n the all 3 tapes but u are different, you murder every line n i can really tell the dedication you are puttin into your music, anyways yo keep doin what u doin and keep showin all these niggas how the game should be, just wanna say thanks yo -TO

  32. jasmineb says:

    I’m keepin ma fingers crossed that MR.SEAN ANDERSON READS THIS.!! I’m in looove with everything you do..i was rockin drizzy sit now I’m tryna get on tht FINALLY FAMOUS swagg :). But yeah I jus wanted to say I love you and ur music n ur swagg is sooo right..i listen to ur stuff EVERY SiINGLE DAY.!! Pleeaassseeeeee come to chicago soooon so I can see you *MUAH luv ya
    <3 Jasmine B

  33. jasmineb says:

    I’m keepin ma fingers crossed that MR.SEAN ANDERSON READS THIS.!! I’m in looove with everything you do..i was rockin drizzy sit now I’m tryna get on tht FINALLY FAMOUS swagg :). But yeah I jus wanted to say I love you and ur music n ur swagg is sooo right..i listen to ur stuff EVERY SiINGLE DAY.!! Pleeaassseeeeee come to chicago soooon so I can see you *MUAH luv ya
    <3 Jasmine B

  34. Dallas Jordan says:

    YO Big Sean. Man your music, swag, life story is great and inspirational. I listen to your music daily and just get help from the lyrics from your songs. Man at my school i be like “my favorite rapper is Big Sean, yall better watch out man he gone be big.” They be like who dat nigga he sound lame. So i let them listen to Finally Famous 3 and they fucks with you. Man i tell people everyday about your music and more and more people get inspired. By the end of this year my whole high school gone know who you are. Im a senior now and ive been making music since 2005 but been playing music my whole life man. Im goin to Winston Salem State University for music business. Im going to be big one day and i know it but no one believes me. We need to colab one day man. Remember this name Dallas Jordan from North Carolina, Siler City. Hit me up

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  36. Love It! Keep up the good work.

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