Big Sean “Supa Dupa Lemonade”


Chip Tha Ripper ft. Curren$y & Big Sean “Fat Raps” (prod. Chuck Inglish)


Consequence ft. Kanye West, Common, Kid Cudi, Big Sean & John Legend– “Whatever You Want Remix”


Ro Spit ft. Big Sean, Bun B & CurT@!n$ “#1″


Wale ft. Big Sean, Mike Posner & Kenn Starr “Wonder Why” (Prod. by 9th Wonder)


Big Sean ft. Kanye West – “Glenwood” (Rough)


DJ Yo Dah and Tommy Lee ft. Lil Wayne, Spark Dawg, Big Sean, Joell Ortiz, Sum 41 and J-Son – “Loser”


Big Sean & Kid Cudi “Rollin’ Remix”




Big Sean “Desire, Want & Need”


Big Sean “Supa Dupa”


Big Sean “Million Dollars”


Teriyaki Boyz ft. Kanye West & Big Sean “Teriya-King”


Big Sean ft. Mike Posner “Who Knows”



25 Responses to Music

  1. Great Dayne says:

    Where can I find your song ” Smoke & Drive “?


  3. Ian says:

    “Smoke and Drive” is on 1st Mixtape…Music is tight Big…

  4. brandon says:

    getcha some download?

  5. nanate says:

    what this girl just want 2 say what up.

  6. mike says:

    u my man big sean keep doing it

  7. rayven says:

    keri we lov u

  8. Joe Blakk says:

    the song with you and Mr. Hudson is tuff

  9. Kiley says:

    where can i get love story ft. keely?

  10. delos says:

    man i listen to that rolling in my mind playing tricks on me everyday im glad a nigga finally mad it from the D thats lyrical , keep doin what u doin boi n keep carry the D on yo back

  11. ryanp says:

    Yerrrro that rollin track/video was perfectly executed and portrayed rap over more techno beats bruhhh

  12. TD says:

    man I can’t stop blastin that UKNOWBIGSEAN VOL 2..WE NEED THE ALBUM…u got all the potential in the world..& so much time to just destroy everybody in the game lyrically…ppl see the dope chains & clothes & ish but u a humble dude..u can hear it in your music..that will take you far..keep doin ya thang & we gna keep supportin you..much respect

  13. rj says:

    so much respect for you big sean keep doing your thing love the music hopefully i will soon

  14. branducci says:

    yo big sean you’re the truth you’re gonna save hip hop

  15. The_Genius says:

    UKNOWBIGSEAN the mixtape is HOT!!! Dude you doing ya thing! Keep it up & keep banging out hits!!!

  16. NITE_TIME says:

    Hell Naaa Nigga Im Lookin For That Good Finally Famous Vol. 3!!! WHERE THATS AT BOYEE?? wasnt it supposed to drop like last month? c’mon sean niggas need that good music.

  17. Dave says:

    Dope as fuck man! Please do a tour hit Cleveland!! I be tryna tell 106 n nem to play yo’ shit!.. GOOD MUSIC!

  18. UKNOWBIGMONT says:

    I have all of that shit on my iPod

  19. Big Sean I Been Bumping Your Shit Since I Heard You On Mike Posners Mixtapes,And I Been Up To Date With Everything That You Do,And I Just Been Wondering And Alot Of My Homies Have Been Wondering When Is This New Mixtape Going To Drop?,And Your New Joint Bullshitin’ Is A Beast And I Cant Wait To Bumb It Threw The Streets Of New Orleans.

  20. MonBizzle says:

    bullshittin is on kanyes blog today!! downloaded it real quick.

  21. get impatient says:

    Your shit is dope but are you ever gonna release an actual album? Please don’t mistake this as hatin’ cuz it’s not but damn the world needs to hear you already!

  22. mrISO says:

    man, Big Sean. Your music blows me away, your growth as an artist is phenominal. You will top the charts once the album drops. I look up to you as a Role Model and as a “lyricist” cuz your story shows with dedication you will run fast enough chase down your dreams. Hopefully i get big and you will be the 1st guy i fuck with.[no homo]

  23. Fresh Kid says:

    cant wait 4 the album

  24. Vo says:

    is big sean album gone to in all stores causes we dont be gettin shit in richmond, va

  25. Lizz says:

    omg , ilove BIG SEAN <3 . . he is the sickest rapper that is out here . fuck all the haters and keep doing yuur thing . yuur music is dope AF and ilove yuur album "Finally Famous" . ilisten too yuur music everyday! yuur SICK AF! iloveyou'BIG SEAN (((:

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